Hi, I'm Luca Peluso

UX/UI Designer
& Developer

I have a passion for accessibility and minimalist approach. "Make it easy" is my motto.

“I have always been very curious. Every time I picked up a new item I would stop and look: “why did the designers make these choices?”, “how could I improve it?”. As a designer now I keep asking myself: “how could I improve it?” but with a mantra in mind:

make it simple!

Let's talk about something I worked on...

virtual teka

How to improve the user and worker experience of one of the world's most important archaeological parks?


Let's wine!

Easy Launcher

How to simplify the interface and user experience for seniors using smartphones? Let's try

GameStop || Case Study

How to improve an existing website that has a low conversion rate and an outdated, complex user experience?

Furniture Website
UI Proof-of-Concept

A clean, modern, accessible POC for a furniture website