Case Study

Disclaimer: This work is purely a case study for the development and optimization of a website. The considerations and references in this project are figments of imagination and have the sole purpose of documenting a process of improving user experience and design capabilities. All trademarks and photos are the property of their respective brands. The project is not a commercial project.

Problem definition

One of the main chains specialized in the sale of videogames, has contacted you to report a series of problems encountered in recent months, regarding the performance of online sales. Here is some information that they have provided:

> Decrease in conversion rate
> Increase in exit rate
> Comments on social networks: great difficulty in identifying products of interest;
> Unsatisfactory NPS values.

Overall Strategy

Gamestop is known to the general public for the sale of video games: consoles, accessories, new and used videogames and gadgets of various kinds.

I will proceed by following this general strategy:

Navigate and analyze the main pages of the site and determine the main flows.

Define common tasks to execute on the site under study to evaluate its usability

Execute common tasks to analyze the pain points and the overall mood during the execution

Mitigate pain points with appropriate strategies of architectural restructuring and layout.

Realize the Design of some screens containing the key concepts and graphic elements renewed

Time to anaylize and test the website

Analysis Conclusion

Confusing graphics, heterogeneous palette (sometimes inconsistent), Self-promotional spots that distract the user, and a lot of other things made

Let’s make a Usability test


Purchase of a video game


Purchase of a video game of which we know the name/publisher


Purchase of a new console


The processes of search and navigation on the site are strongly compromised both by layout and structural limits (net of constraints and trade-offs of other nature that we will ignore for research purposes).

Optimizing flows to reduce steps

The (re)design proposal

The new version

A new improved dinamyc landing page with modern tiles

A new improved and clear top menu

A new powerful search with thumbnails

A new filter grids

A new improved information tile

A new extended game information window (overlapped and scrollable)

A new improved, accessible and coherent shopping cart