Presented at Samsung Innovation Camp 2018

We are in Italy, at Paestum, one of the most famous archaeological sites of the world and a fantastic Museum with artifacts from various historical ages.


We aim to improve museum visitors' experience and improve the museum worker's process

How to face the challenge?

Making first plan and assumptions

Asking people for insights

A survey to tell us users' and workers' opinions and looking for new clues.

Interviewees' profile

Sorting and grouping results to help insight research

Comparing with similar software will help to analyze existing solutions, discover new unconsidered features

...and then profiling PERSONAS to get more insights from potential users: their needs and pain points

Users' touchpoints will add context, pain points, feelings, details, more specifications toward potential solutions

Sketching the first flows for pain points solutions

The Wireframes will help to test if flows are easy to perform and accepted by the users

After user's testing and gathering feedback, it's time for hi-res prototype for stakeholders and reiterate the process toward the development

Welcome page with logo

Landing page with featured

My tickets

3D Camera Advanced Info system

Artifacts' details

FAQ and Guide

Further testing and interviews by using prototypes will allow us to check and fix the weak points gathered from real users.
It's important also to capture the general users' emotion and feeling