Simplify the smartphone interface and interactions on basic functionalities for elder people

Initial Idea and assumptions:

Modern Smartphones have crodwy interfaces not elder-friendly, so we plan to make a "Launcher", something easy to use and easy to interact with

Let's make the plan with the previsions

It's time to ask to users what they think about...

Let's see what people speak about...

What competitors have done?
Let's evaluate...

According to research we "group-alize"
the target in "personas"

We want to understand persona's journey with us.
How do they act? How do they feel?

As result of investigation, it's time to plan what app features we have to implement

Now, we can sketch and test the first wireframes

Feedback on wireframes drives to make the next hires prototype

During tests some icons caused misunderstanding and it needed further iteration for home page

Board List: Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay
Elderly Cartoon: Image by Ladislava Vantuchová from Pixabay
Social icon list: Image by Pixaline from Pixabay
First Smatphone: Image by Manish Dhawan from Pixabay
Question mark:Clipart byUrhan TV da Pixabay
All the rest is handmade by me! 😉